Sports Box Inc. has been the sports fan's ticket to up to the minute sports information for seventeen successful years.

In business since 1987, Sports Box was one of the pioneers of the wireless sports information industry. Since the conception of the Sports Pager, Sports Box has been at the fore front of technology in order to provide the most comprehensive, portable sports service available.

Currently, Sports Box is working with its third generation Sports Pager and is actively researching and developing its next version due for release in 2005. Sending our information through a reliable nationwide frequency allows us to provide far-reaching coverage throughout most areas of the United States. Our customers are spread throughout the country with one thing in common; they are sports enthusiasts who rely on us to consistently provide up to the minute wireless sports information. Approximately half of Sports Box’s business is wholesale in which we provide discount pricing to companies or individuals who are willing to resell our services and handle the customer service and billing. Across the country, Paging and Wireless businesses, Sports related enterprises as well as entrepreneurs are making substantial profits as resellers of Sports Box’s exclusive Sports Pager service.

Commission based joint ventures are also available to those who can sell our product but do not want to handle billing and customer service.
Sports Pagers can also be programmed to be used as a personal pager with such options as numeric, alpha-numeric and voice mail paging. We are receptive to a wide variety of cooperative business relationships so please feel free to contact us.

“This little box saved my marriage!”
Jimmy "The Rock"

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