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Here’s your exclusive free ticket to all the pro and college games instantly at the touch of a button.

Keep tabs on all the action with this amazing high-tech scoreboard that fits in the palm of your hand and gives two and a half minute scoring updates and results on football, baseball and hockey. From the NFL to the NBA. Major league baseball, NHL hockey and all of the college action too!
The Sports Page also provides daily injury reports, weather conditions, pitching matchups, betting lines, point-spreads and odds without ever having to log onto a computer or pick up a phone.
Sports Coverage
  Pro Football College Football
  Pro Basketball College Basketball
  Pro Baseball Hockey
  Sports News Arena Football
  WNBA Canadian Football
Box Scores
Scores continually update every 2 ½ minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Unlimited game memory.
Final results provided instantly.
Pitching changes as the happen.
Game situations.
Play by Play.
Fastest and most accurate line changes from the Mirage, Stardust, Hilton, and an offshore casino.
Line changes marked by an asterix for easy recognition.
Early and opening line of every game the night before.
Games listed in Las Vegas rotation order.
  Scouting Report

Probable pitchers, weather conditions, and comprehensive player injury reports transmitted throughout the day. Headline sport news all day.
Faster, easier, and cheaper than scorephone services.
Can also be used as a personal alphanumeric message beeper.
Lighted screen for nighttime viewing.
Weights three ounces, fits in your pocket.
ATS Super Channel
Complimentary Selections.
Big Money Moves.
Stats and Trends.
Odds on Big Events and Futures.
Late Breaking Injury and Weather Reports.

“This little box saved my marriage!”
Jimmy "The Rock"

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